Georg Friedrich Haas is arguably the most important living composer of symphonic music, but also a descendant of a Nazi family. His wife, whom he met through the dating site “OkCupid,” is an African-American kink educator. Their deep relationship is based on an open, yet controversial role-playing game between a white male master and a black female slave. This ground-breaking film documents their lives between perversion, art, love, and radical self-determination.

US Premiere at Doc NYC

What a wonderful US Premiere we had in New York!  This time we had a pre reception party accommodated by the Museum of Sex, which generously helped us before filming some scenes for the movie. After that, we screened at SVA Theatre. The reactions were very great and emotional. Not only Georg and Mollena attended, but also many of the people who took part in our interviews and helped making this happen. And just in case you missed the Premiere, you still can rewatch the well Moderated Q&A here.

Best Documentary Feature at Pornfilmfestival Berlin!

On Sunday 28th October, THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT celebrated its German premier at the 13th Pornfilmfestival in Berlin. The film was invited to be part of the festival as the closing film. After three simultaneous and sold-out screenings, filmmakers Beatrice Behn & René Gebhardt were awarded the BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE award. Next stop: The US. Premiere at the DocNYC Festival.

UK Premiere at Rainance

We had our UK premiere at the 26th Raindance Film Festival in London! The screening was around the corner of the famous Picadilly Circus at VUE Cinema. The Festival nominated us for Best Documentary Feature and the Festival Founder Elliot Grove highlighted The Artist & The Pervert as one of his five festival Highlights! It was a great delight to see british audience enjoying Georg and Mollenas life and their humor and answering their thoughtful questions at the Q&A afterwards.



Netherlands Premiere at Holland Festival

Oh, Holland Festival! You were great. We had a sold out screening with loads of people still trying to get in. It was a wonderful experience and yet another long Q&A that continued for hours outside the cinema. It’s so wonderful to see how many people feel moved by this film, how many are happy to see people portraited who are – for a change – not young, white, thin, vanilla etc. Representation is important. Cinema is too.
–> Due to popular demand Holland Festival decided to schedule an encore screening!



North American Premiere at Hot Docs, Toronto

The North American premiere at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival was incredible. We had a full house, an amazing and responsive audience who laughed and loved with us through the entire film. And on the second screening, we got standing ovations! It was beautiful. We feel fulfilled and happy and with hope that our small but passionate film will keep on travelling to other film festivals very soon. But for now: thank you for all the love, dear Hot Docs & Canadians!



World Premiere in Thessaloniki

THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT celebrated its world premiere at the 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival to a full house at Stavros Tornes cinema. Both screenings were very well received and sold out.

The film drew a big, curious crowd asking many questions and discussing vividly the film and the controversial and radical nature of the portrayed relationship of Georg & Mollena. The 50 minutes record for longest Q&A in the festivals history was shattered within 27 hours, by the second screening with 65 minutes.


“A radical self discovery.

“In its light-hearted way, The Artist & The Pervert
opens up a fascinating conversation about
how people negotiate their individual wayward
desires with the context of society’s power dynamics.

She wears a collar that defines their master/slave relationship
— and what an unexpectedly tender one it is,
marked by collaboration and deep emotional bonds
that go beyond bondage. The film is surprisingly sweet
and instructive (and occasionally naughty).

“The latest images underline the point
that the film already made in a moving way:
Haas and Williams are lucky

“A charming film portrait
about their extraordinary relationship.”

“The film is very raw, very real.
And it dispells a lot of the misconceptions that we have
about dominant/submissive relationships.”

“The film is important, especially in these times
of fear and populism, because it shows you
have no need to judge others if you live your own truth.”

Of the many films that will raise eyebrows and questions
the film The Artist & The Pervert is sure to be one.

A liberating watch, and an eye opener for conservatives,
textbook theorists and radical thinkers alike.

“The Artist & the Pervert is an idiosyncratic introduction to Haas’
floating constellations of overtones and microtonal experimentation.”