Georg Friedrich Haas is arguably the most important living composer of symphonic music, but also a descendant of a Nazi family. His wife, whom he met through the dating site “OkCupid,” is an African-American kink educator. Their deep relationship is based on an open, yet controversial role-playing game between a white male master and a black female slave. This ground-breaking film documents their lives between perversion, art, love, and radical self-determination.

World Premiere in Thessaloniki

THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT celebrated its world premiere at the 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival to a full house at Stavros Tornes cinema. Both screenings were very well received and sold out.

The film drew a big, curious crowd asking many questions and discussing vividly the film and the controversial and radical nature of the portrayed relationship of Georg & Mollena. The 50 minutes record for longest Q&A in the festivals history was shattered within 27 hours, by the second screening with 65 minutes.


She wears a collar that defines their master/slave relationship
— and what an unexpectedly tender one it is,
marked by collaboration and deep emotional bonds
that go beyond bondage. The film is surprisingly sweet
and instructive (and occasionally naughty).

“The film is very raw, very real.
And it dispells a lot of the misconceptions that we have
about dominant/submissive relationships.”

“The film is important, especially in these times
of fear and populism, because it shows you
have no need to judge others if you live your own truth.”

Of the many films that will raise eyebrows and questions
the film The Artist & The Pervert is sure to be one.

A liberating watch, and an eye opener for conservatives,
textbook theorists and radical thinkers alike.

Art and sex go together like the body and soul;
together they create something fervent,
alluring, and often political in nature.
The Artist and the Pervert is one of these art pieces.

Billed as a frank look at a range of topics including race, sexuality,
politics and power dynamics, The Artist & the Pervert
is a provocative exploration of how the pair
navigate the particular challenges of their alternative lives.

“The Artist & the Pervert is an idiosyncratic introduction to Haas’
floating constellations of overtones and microtonal experimentation.”