Press Clippings

“In its light-hearted way, The Artist & The Pervert
opens up a fascinating conversation about
how people negotiate their individual wayward
desires with the context of society’s power dynamics.

She wears a collar that defines their master/slave relationship
— and what an unexpectedly tender one it is,
marked by collaboration and deep emotional bonds
that go beyond bondage. The film is surprisingly sweet
and instructive (and occasionally naughty).

“The latest images underline the point
that the film already made in a moving way:
Haas and Williams are lucky.”

“In their debut film, Beatrice Behn and René Gebhardt
are expanding the public forum on which the Williams-Haas
couple is encouraging the free development of art and love
and is breaking down deep-rooted prejudices.”

“This is, first of all, a brilliant love movie.”

“This is a fascinating film. It’s gonna challenge you.
It’s gonna push you.”

“An honest argument for how monumental
self-acceptance and openness can be towards
building a solid relationship.”

“The film feels somewhat pretentious.”

“There is a play on voyeurism here that fits
very well with people’s curiosity about lifestyles
they do not fully understand.”

“It really pushed my boundaries.”

“Come into the movie theater with all your questions […]
Leave the theater with tears in your eyes and one thought in your head;
are you really living the life you actually want to live?”

“Just fascinating where this film goes.”

“This is frank and bold.”

“The film is very raw, very real.
And it dispells a lot of the misconceptions that we have
about dominant/submissive relationships.”

“A couple partaking in sexual activities
that others disapprove of is just not much interest in 2018.”

“The film is important, especially in these times
of fear and populism, because it shows you
have no need to judge others if you live your own truth.”

Of the many films that will raise eyebrows and questions
the film The Artist & The Pervert is sure to be one.

A liberating watch, and an eye opener for conservatives,
textbook theorists and radical thinkers alike.

Art and sex go together like the body and soul;
together they create something fervent,
alluring, and often political in nature.
The Artist and the Pervert is one of these art pieces.

Billed as a frank look at a range of topics including race, sexuality,
politics and power dynamics, The Artist & the Pervert
is a provocative exploration of how the pair
navigate the particular challenges of their alternative lives.

“The Artist & the Pervert is an idiosyncratic introduction to Haas’
floating constellations of overtones and microtonal experimentation.”

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LIFO Magazine mentioned THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT as their
number one choice in a list of 11 Films to watch at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

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not to miss at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.