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„A liberating watch, and an eye opener for conservatives,
textbook theorists and radical thinkers alike.

Fred FM Radio

„Art and sex go together like the body and soul;
together they create something fervent,
alluring, and often political in nature.
The Artist and the Pervert is one of these art pieces.
FEMBOT Magazine

„Billed as a frank look at a range of topics including race, sexuality,

politics and power dynamics, The Artist & the Pervert
is a provocative exploration of how the pair
navigate the particular challenges of their alternative lives.“
LimeLight Magazine

LIFO Magazine
 mentioned THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT as their

number one choice in a list of 11 Films to watch at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

mentioned THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT as a radical film
not to miss 
at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.